TASK 14.14 AToM vs /32 mask

brunobruno ✭✭

In Task 14.14  I was only able to have connectivity end-to-end after changing the mask of the loopback's to /32 (the loopbacks of the P and PE routers),

So the question is there any requirements in the AToM implementation that requires /32 masks for the endpoints of the targetted LDP session ?



Initially I was announcing the loopback's has /24 inside de MPLS backbone (I was forcing the loopbacks with the network-type "point-to-point"), I was doing this way just to prove that It was not a need....but more a best-practice to avoid other problems, I understand that in some IOS versions, if there is a mismatch beetwen to what LDP is waiting and what is announced by OSPF the FEC's are not advertised.



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