Looking For CCIE/CCNP's in London



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  • any further information? people outside UK, benefits, possible job roles, your opinion,... ?

  • We are taking people from various places in the world with fluent english, however, the preference is geared towards people already in the UK so that VISA's are not an issue.



    Life insurance and personal accident cover

    Private health insurance

    Sickness and disability income protection insurance

    PC loan (upto £2.5k)

    Cycle to work scheme

    Stock purchase plan

    Pension Contributions

    Tax legislation and financial advice


    Job roles vary because we basically outsource our skills to other companies. So you might be in Sky for 6 months in ops or support, then move over to RBS  putting a datacenter together or something. Then we might get a new client & need someone to do some design work. As you can see, the company puts people where the work is.


    My opionion

    I would recommend it because of the amount of talent in the company. At the going rate, we have a new CCIE every couple of months. So it's common to go into a new place where people are as passionate as you are. For me, that was the key reason for joining. I use to be a company where nobody cared. Joining this new company put that straight. People care, and love what they are doing.

  • Hello,

    It means you will do visa sponsorship ?

  • I take it these are Perm roles and not Contract?

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