Where does my phone number get configured too

I know its a vague title.   I'm setting up Cme and have my extensions and dial-peers configured.  Also issued the cmd voice-port 0/0:23 plar opx <AA> extension for the incoming to be routed to the Auto Attendant.  Where do I define my actual phone number?  Is it under dialplan-pattern under the tele-service.  To my understanding thats used under SRST environments.  If you need any specific info let me know I"ll post it up.


  • Hi,

    What do you mean by 'actual phone number'? The PSTN service provider provided number for your analog line/DID?

    You really don't need to configure that number anywhere. If you are already using 'connection plar opx' it means you are overriding the incoming DNIS/Dialed Number and translation to <AA> number defined under voice port.

    For the case of DID you need to strip down the incoming DNIS equal to user extension - you don't need to even input the whole 'phone number' of DID.

    Please be specific what's the configuration you have in your mind and what's the issue you are facing. :)

  • Yes I meant the pstn service provider provided number for the line.  I apologize if I didn't word it correctly.  I wasn't sure if I needed to configure anything else besides the connection plar <aa>.  Thank you for your input.

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