14.6 PE-CE Routing with RIP

Please forgive me if this issue has already been brought up and addressed. I have seen it mentioned briefly, but no clarification...

After going over the MPLS section a few times, I think that I am understanding the concept (PE-CE peering) pretty well... After completing this task and getting the desired results and then looking at the SG configs, I see that R6 is not redistributing the RIP learn from the CE (SW1) into the BGP Process for the vrf VPN_B.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but R6, being the PE, should redistribute RIP under the BGP 100 address-family ipv4 vrf VPNB. If you don't export the RIP routes into BGP, the CE (SW1) RIP routes will not be transported across the VPN to the othe PE (R4), and because of this, the CE on the othe end (BB3) will never learn the rotues...



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