2.10 BGP aggregate to BB

I am surprised to see that the SG does not filter the more specific networks of the aggregate towards the BB. I thought the question implied that the BB should receive only the aggregate and not the more specific prefixes. In my solution, i actually used the "summary-only" keyword on the aggregatem and I then used an unsuppress-map towards all internal prefix to allow for the propagation of the more specific prefixes towards the "internal" peers.


Anyone else interpreted this question that way ?




  • I agree with your answer

  • Although the question kind of headed that way it really didn't say anything about hiding the longer matches so I suspect the SG is correct with no adding the no-summary option.

    My issue was the 150.x.0.0/20 prefix as we hadn't added any of the longer matches to the BGP RIB so no aggregate address could have been generated.  Note none is shown in the verfification section so I reckon they've missed it out or didn't intend to advertise the 150.x.0.0/20 block?

  • Agreed. I didn't advertise the 150 range either. Also I used the prefix-list command insted of a route-map.

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