8.2 task lab 16

Hi all


isnt the matching acl be like following

permit UDP  host  eq  27960  time-range  WEEKDAYS
permit UDP  host  eq  27960   time-range  WEEKDAYS

instead of

permit UDP  host eq 27960  time-range  WEEKDAYS
permit UDP  host eq 27960   time-range  WEEKDAYS


i am replacing quake server with web-server and apply logic what if it is a web server then source port is 80 and destinatin is any becasue the traffic is from server to  clients ?

please let me if i am wrong ..


  • i looked in some posts and came to know that indeed  the acl is wrong .



  • If I was doing this task I'd be asking the proctor if the Gaming server is sending out on dest port UDP 27960 via unicast or multicast. 

    I tried to take this non-specificity into account.

     permit udp host any eq 27960 time-range XXX

    Paul B

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