Task 7.2 -- Summertime knob -- -- and SW3/SW4 Time Sync

1) Summertime


In 7.2 -- the summertime knob says "CDT".  Is this required to localize the DST changover take -- or is this just cosemetic and the router uses north american daylight saving time schedules without it?

Book solution:

R4, R5, R6, SW2:
clock timezone CST -6
clock summer-time CDT recurring

My solution:

R4, R5, R6, SW2:
clock timezone CST -6
clock summer-time blah recurring


2) SW3/SW4 Time Sync:

The solution does say:

SW3 and SW4:
ntp server

Nowhere does it say to set SW3/SW4 up for time sync, but it does have a very vague "Configure SW3/SW4 in such a way that they will display the exact time and date of the last restart using the show version command".

I don't know if/why the solution was to enable time sync for SW3/SW4 to meet these requiresment -- while for the rest of the routers they just told you to directly enable it -- but I read it slightly differently.

SW3/SW4 should display the exact date/time on power on just like they are... at least the exact date/time they are set to (nobody said it had to be accurate and time sync -- just precise to whatever it is set to)... without any configuration.

I then figured they were talking about an older command some equipment required to write the time to NVRAM so it could retrieve the time on reboot for logging and related power on message purposes, on older platforms that did not have hardware RTC that saved the precise time on reboot.

And, I didn't do anything thinking it already behaved this way (perhaps, the subtask didn't require any direct action or it was old from prior to the lab hardware upgrades).

However, I'm probably just way off on this basis!  However, I'm open for thoughts on question interpretation.



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