7.4 -- Network stability

For ticket 7.4, I used max-metric router-lsa on-startup 30 (or equivalent).

Would this be acceptable?  This would be the IGP-specific method of supressing the route for x-seconds on reload, vs the answer which involves dampening.


  • I did the same!

    would it be valid??


  • I don't think so as the question specifies advertisement into IGP not advertisement within IGP.

    The best solution is usually the one that solves the quesiton clearly and is the simplest.  I've not sat the exam yet so have to say I'd go with dampening given this rather than modify the IGP, in this case OSPF.

  • I used the "carrier-delay 30" under the FastEthernet interfaces. According to the command reference for 12.4T:

    "If data links in your network are subject to short
    outages, especially if those outages last less than the time required
    for your IP routing to converge, you should set a relatively long
    carrier delay value to prevent these short outages from causing
    disruptions in your routing tables. If outages in your network tend to
    be longer, you might want to set a shorter carrier delay so that the
    outages are detected sooner and the IP route convergence begins and ends




    What do you guys think about this alternative solution?



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