ccip QoS preparations

after passing my bgp+mpls exam about 2 months ago its about time to study for qos to get my ccip cert before 27 october
so i thought i can get some tips from you guys who took the exam

im preparing using the following materials

1-cisco press qos book
2-INE ccip qos videos
3-the internet on anything not clear >cisco docs and ine blog..etc

so my questions are..
1-is these materials enough ? if not what else should i use ?
2-i wonder what's the gap between ccip qos and ccie r/s qos ?

the book contain some formulas like how to calculate propgation delay and serialization delay ...etc
do i realy need to memorize these formulas or they're there for demonstration only ?



  • Hi!

    Pay attention! The CCIP is retired and from Oct 29th you cannot recertify. You then have to go for the CCNP Service Provider.


    That is also what I need to do then. Sucks, but cannot be changed sadly.

    You have to pass 2 different exams then SPEGDE and SPCORE I guess.

    There is a migration tool (which I dont get the sense though) where you can hit checkboxes. 







  • Hi Markus,
    thx for the answer
    i know that ccip is retired the point is getting ccip now is much better than waiting for ccna sp / ccnp sp materials
    and also you will have to passed 6 exams to get to ccnp sp from ccna sp
    getting ccip now is kinda a win-win situation because I'll have to pass only 2 extra exams and i'll get my ccna sp and ccnp sp
    and also you will have 3 years to pass these 2 exams which is long enough to find materials for them

    Retiring ccip sucks ofc but i won't change may plans for the year completely i'll just adapt :)

  • peetypeety ✭✭✭

    Albeit years ago, I passed QoS having just read Odom's DQOS book.

    The gap?  CCIP QoS was mostly theory, with some non-hardware-specific practical stuff thrown in.  CCIE QoS is built around the wackiness and documentation of the 3560 platform. ;)

  • Hi!

    Are you sure you get the CCNA SP and CCNP SP with the two additional exams?

    That would be cool but where did you get that info?




  • thx peety


    well, its confusing so i asked on cisco forums

    it seems u wont get ccna sp but since u're already ccnp sp and u'll get ur cert mailed its ok i guess

  • That one nails it!

    Thanks for the link!

  • Will you really have 3 years?  I couldn't ever figure out WTF from all of the bad info posted at the time of retirement.  Doesn't really matter to me at this point - there's no way in hell I'm passing 2 exams in a matter of weeks.

    QoS was a very easy exam, IMO.  Almost absurdly so.  I mainly used the Odom book and "CCVP QOS Quick Reference Sheets" by Kevin Wallace (avalable as a kindle book).  Honestly, I think the second book and the CCIP video VODs (or whatever the non-live portion was called - I can't remember) would be enough.

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