[EIGRP] "stuck" candidate default

R&S Eigrp section 5 in the lab guide

Section 5.9 - EIGRP Summarization with Default Routing

Step 1 is to remove the candidate default from R6, I did 'no ip default-network' and this is where I experienced the problem.

Even though I no longer had any configuration for the default-network, I was still keeping 200/24 as the candidate default in my R6 and advertising it throughout eigrp 100 as well.  

I did a 'clear ip route *' but the route would not cease being a candidate default.

I re-read the docs again at http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk365/technologies_tech_note09186a0080094374.shtml#ipnetwork and I felt that I was still on the correct track, so I finally rebooted my router which seems to have corrected the issue because now when I configure the 'ip default-network', it immediately advertises that into eigrp 100, and now when I issue the 'no ip default-network' it immediately withdraws that candidate default from eigrp 100.

My problem is that I mentioned my issue to my friend who is a 5x ccie and he said that the original issue is expected behavior and used to be on the lab as a troubleshooting problem but he would not give me any further info - I have dug and dug and I can't fingure out what would have caused it and now that I can't reproduce it, I am kicking myself for having rebooted the box.

So the question I have is whether someone could tell me what had been causing that issue originally, and is it possible to repro it?


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