SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX 2001 is not a valid numbering plan

I loaded the CCIE Workbook Module 21 final CUCM tar file. There were several errors in the phone import file that would not allow a phone device configuration to be imported for three phones. The Job Results are below.

Query :

Insert Phones in /common/bps/csvfiles/config/export/phone.csv


Failure Details :

MAC Address/Device Name Error Code Error Description


SEP001D45E8A7F9 1001 is not a valid numplan

SEP001AA163A576 2001 is not a valid numplan

SEP001AE22B0FD0 1001 is not a valid numplan



Result Summary :

Does anyone know the reason for this import error "not a valid numplan" and the fix? I cannot find anything online.





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