Lab 4: Section 2.8

For some reason, I do not understand the parameters used to configure and implement the community policies in IOS XR. For example, I am quite aware of what policy-global does but then what is the role of "maASN '1000'

How is this matched to the route-policies defined thereafter?


I would really appreciate your help 


  • Hi,


    First of all, I'm not an expert with RPL, but I explain it for myself that "myASN '1000'" is some sort of global variable, for example if you have to change the local AS number, it will be easier to change only one line instead of rewriting the whole RPL policies.

    Actually when I did this task I used hard-coded 1000:80, 1000:90, 1000:110, 1000:120. In INE's solution this is just an example of using variables in RPL.

  • It is not required to define a global-policy to match the ASN:XX format.

    It also works if you simply match the community to IOS XR similar to IOS and you define the specific community e.g. 1000:80

    I tested it.

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