Services Topics - CCIE Lab

After a few months I'm getting more comfortable with the bunch of different services that can show up in your lab, but after all, there is no way to be 100% confidence because CISCO can tricky you with a really uncommon/unusually one. So that, I was reviewing a few services when I found a couple one that are very huge detail from CiscoDoc but I found nothing on INE WBs.

DRP Server

Cisco Networking Services


For the entire community who are preparing the lab, do you think these topics are legacy? Is it common to find this kind of "extraordinary" services in the real lab? What do you think about these services??

If you find any weird services that could be a pontential lab question (out from the common one) feel free to share with all of us in order not to sit in the final lab, jump into the services section and.......WTF????


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