Strange CUCM problem


So I have the subscriber as primary CPE in the CMgroup and this group, being the only one, is assigned to all devices.

I have configured AAR between HQ and branch2. CAC is configured using rsvp.

when I dial from HQ to branch2 it says "Not enough bandwidth" - reorder tone. All other calls to pSTN work ok.

You might say that AAR is not enabled but everything is configured corectly. If I stop Call Manager Service on SUB then all devices fall back to PUB and AAR call works. "Network congestion rerouting" and then BR2 phone rings via PSTN.

I can say that there is no DB replication problem:

Good All servers have a replication count of 412.
Good All servers have a good replication status.

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ServerNumber of Replicates CreatedReplicate_State 412 2 - good 412 2 - good


Any ideas?

I just think it's a stupid CUCM on VMWare installation kind of problem.



  • Restarting the PUB and SUB servers didn't fix it.

    But, even though the replication seemed ok, I did a

    utils dbreplication forcedsynchsub all

    then restarted the SUB server and now it's ok.

    These replication issues are a real pain... If it hits you in the LAB exam, the outcome could be nasty... The procedure for restoring replication is straight forward but for me it never worked.

  • Nice to know that you have fixed the issue by your own - well done! Yes the replication issue can ruin the whole plan. But me and my study partners were ready to face such strange replication issue on the lab so we learnt several ways to fix the replication issue instantly on the lab.

  • If the DB status report shows a replication problem then what I do is:

    utils dbreplication stop on SUB and PUB


    utils dbreplication clusterreset all on PUB

    Then restart the SUB but for me it doesn't work. Sometimes it says Enterprise replication is not active.

    utils dbreplication forcedsynchsub all

    also doesn't work.

    What else would you try in such cases?

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