Lab4 Task 2.1


While I am checking the question and the solution for Full Lab 4 Task 2.1, I found the following mismatch between the question and the solution provided.

1. The question requires a L2 adjacency between R5 and XR1, however, I don't see the ISIS is enabled on F0/0.195 on R5.

2. The quesiton requires the loopback 0 of R2 to be advertised into level-2, so does Level-1, however, the solution only does in level-1.

Just curious, are these all typo.





  • Hi tacacs,

    yes, you have found the two typos that this question has.

    You're wellcome.

  • I just got stung by this too - sat there for ages wondering how on earth I advertise the lo0 of R2 into level-1 then directly underneath it tells me to put it in R2, I absolutely refuse to look at the solutions unless i'm TOTALLY stuck! 

    Would be nice if INE could iron out some of the typos, I know it's good when you're learning to discover whether something really is a typo or not - but it doesn't half cause a headache!



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