Written test

hi All - for folks planning to take the written in the near future, what are your study plans? I'm wondering if banging on lab equipment is necessary for this aspect, or just a thorough understanding of SRND, etc. will suffice?

I saw Matt posted a recommendation to use SRND, QOS, and CME Admin guides. Are CUPS and/or UCCX on the written? Mark's blog post for IE in a year doesn't mention what to use to study for, and when to take, the written side. Unless I missed it?




  • If I recall correctly, he mentioned it in the comments when it was the older outline but he mentions that you should hit the SRND after finishing the CCNP-V portion and I think he mentioned taking the written about 4 weeks after the CCNP. I may be wrong though.

  • That sounds like a good plan.  Try to read through the SRND two times.  Once you've done that, takwe the CCIE Voice Written.  Based on your first experience, either (a) you pass or (b) you realize what needs to be reviewed in more details.  Keep up the pace and keep going back until you pass.

  • Thanks guys. I'm reading through the srnd now while finishing up my studies for TSHOOT for np voice.

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