No access to security rack - even with a session booking!

Based on my
experience with my recent security rack booking I would strongly recommend
every CCIE candidate to look for another rack provider…


I have
booked a security rack for 6 days/24h…

1.)    I expected one session (back to back
with no need to reload the configs all the time) – but I have got assigned 6
different sessions!

2.)    One of my sessions was from 6am (GMT
+2) to 6pm (GMT +2)… the booking system has assigned me an username and a
password, but even at 12am I was still not able to login… unfortunately my
daytime is when the US guys go to sleep… so there was no response to my support
request/ticket… BTW: I was not able to open a 911 ticket – this is allowed only
if you have an active session… and my session was not active… deadlock… I tried
to delete the session to rebook a new session – but the booking system does not
allow you to delete an active session (at least the booking system has shown my
session to be active)… and the new booking system does not allow you to book
another session at the same time…

3.)    I have also tried to create a new
INE user to book another security rack… Very interesting: the booking system
told me that all security racks are fully booked… no more options… BTW: there
should be 9 security racks… but only 4 racks was actually in use – this can be
seen if you try to login to the terminal server… so why are no racks available?

4.)    So at the end of the day I have
wasted a whole day of my prep time… and even if I get the tokens refunded this
will not make me happy…

So to all
CCIE candidates: be careful if you book a rack directly before your lab exam…
if this is your only option to get hands on then you may be disappointed…


Good luck
with your preparation!

Cheers, Juri.


  • Our developers found and fixed a problem with the rack schedulers. 

    In your case, I canceled the failed booking so you can re-book your long session starting with the next available session, refunding your entire extended session.

    As for using the TELNET portal at to determine how many racks are in use and how many are free, remember that the rack system controls authentication, so when it fails, passwords wouldn't be set for the racks that were supposed to be assigned.

    One point to note:  The scheduler does not support "add-on" sessions, where you have an existing session and you book the next block in sequence in another, separate booking transaction.  You need to book all the session blocks you want as an extended session, then press "Submit" once, and the scheduler makes one big extended session out of the string of blocks.


  • Update: we have moved to a new scheduler that lets you book rack time in 1/2-hour increments.  The interface for this is a little cleaner.  Also, you can extend your session if you do so at least 45 minutes before your session ends.  As for the booking, then as now, you have to be able to book all the timeslots you request.  The new scheduler will tell you what can and cannot be fulfilled, so you can adjust your work schedule accordingly.


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