E&M trunk

Hi everybody,

My company just acquire a new company and we have to integrate their phone system into ours immediately. The problem is they have an old PBX (over 10 years old) . We were thinking into adding an E&M card to their PBX and built a trunk between both systems.

At the moment I am running into two issues and looking for advices:

  1. I had never setup an E&M trunk before and I am looking for best ways to built it. IP connectivity will not be an issue as we are adding a new router on site to help out (the new company is not too far from one of our remote sites).
  2. They have a 3 digit dial plan and we have 4 digit dial plan. We were thinking assigning each user 
    (less than 30)  a new DN and translates each of them since the migration would be progressive from the old PBX to CUCM. Like that when we convert a user we can just remove the translation.
Please advise me on best practice on how to proceed.
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