[Problem Solved] Media Master on Unity Connection doesn't work

I managed to fix this problem by myself. I don't know if my solution can be applicable to anyone who will face the same problem. However, I would like to share my solution as a future reference for those who will face the same issue.

It seems that the symptom I faced was caused after I updated Jave/JRE7 and removed Jave/JRE6. Once I re-installed Jave/JRE6 and also uninstalled Jave/JRE7, the problem was gone. [:)]




I'm currently using the vorack2 for my CCIE Voice preparation, and I am facing the issue with Unity Connection.

When I clicked the [Play/Record] button on the MediaMaster on Unity Connection, I got the following error pop-up message.


Application Error


I am using my Windows XP machine. In fact, I haven't faced this issue with my Vmware image I have setup locally. So, I don't know why I have this symptom right now.

This symptom occurs with both Internet Explorer 8 and the latest Firefox. Neither of them work. I have already check the Windows/Firefox patches, Java/JRE, etc, and they're the latest ones.

It would be appreciated if anyone could provide me with some workaround to fix this.

Thanks for your help.


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