Downloading Files

Am I right in assuming that there is no way to download the video files other than clicking on each one and letting it download?  I can start 5 or 6 files and then i have to walk away and then come back and do the same over.  There are 160 files alone for the deep dive series.  I am planning to be on the road for the next few weeks and it would be great to have a bunch of these queued up on my ipad.




  • What I know, there are two options while you are purchasing -

     1. Only download video files,

     2. Download and Stream Online the video file.

    So for either cases you have the download option. The customer service team can help you precisely about this, you can contact with them from here:

  • It seems like there is a limit per browser of 6 simultaneous connections.  What I've done to get 18 downloads at a time is to open 3 browsers (Safari, Chrome, & Firefox).  I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post, but it would be convenient to have had a "Download All" button, or at least checkboxes to select which videos to download in a batch download.

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