Simple PIM Dense Lab


I'm currently doing the 1st multicast lab in IEWB-RS Vol one version 4.1.

I'm using dynamips to do the lab, and using routers instead of switches (I think it's fine since all what we need from switches in that lab is IGMP join messages)

The problem is:-
How can I generate multicast traffic from routers?
And what's wrong with "ping"? The recieving router (router 3) builds it's mroute table properly, but as I sniffed the outgoing interface, it is actually NOT sending it out (although it doesn't say pruned)...


  • Problem solved

    it's Dynamips going nasty sine I'm running 8 routers

    it did work perfectly, and after a while it goes nasty. and once i troubleshoot it i find that some neighboring routers lost connectivity although their interfaces are up up, but can't ping each other..

    thanks for reading =]
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