Interpreting 79xx console messages

Hello community,


Was wondering if anyone had a tool or documents to help interpret console messages from a phone?  Somethings are relatively easy to digest but some messages seem archaic to me right now.  

Having a problem with a customers site and phones keep cycling through CUCM's and never actually registering.  Console messages display a retry limit and then a *** LOCKOUT *** message, I dont have the exact error but the phones are using SCCP.  I believe its on the network side as all phones are showing same symptoms but and people are too busy pointing fingers and I'm just trying to T/S to solve the problem.


If anyone has any tips or suggestions all feedback is welcomed!

Thanks in advance


  • TS the phone registration issue is simple, follow me:

     - confirm your phone got the IP from the voice DHCP pool on voice vlan,

     - confirm the phone can reach the TFTP and UCM/CME IP also the TFTP Server and UCM/CME can reach the phone. A ping test can help you on this.

     - confirm you have configured the phone correctly on UCM with correct MAC address and correct phone type,

     - If everything is okay, confirm that TFTP server is working properly - you can set trace and watch tail logs from UCM console the tftp events and then you can check if your TFTP server is malfunctioning. You can restart the TFTP service if it's returning error.

    Let us know how it goes!

  • Hi Mijanur,


    I didn't get to spend much time with this issue today but from what I gather was this... Devices were operational and then all dropped around same time.  This issue seems to be isolated to one site in general, I dont have elevated rights to perform anything beyond basic UCM Administrator functions.  


    With your input its sounds like this problem is probably not between the UCM and the end points, all other devices elsewhere are operational and fine.  However convincing the correct personnel that it is their 'issue' to troubleshoot is a challenge in itself.


    Thank you for your suggestion, troubleshooting continues!

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