CCNP Voice Lab Equipment and study material

I just started studying for the new CVOICE 642-437. I don't have an ISR as I used a 2650XMs and a 3500 Switch (POE for the phones) and a few years ago to practice for the CCNA Voice Cert. Most of the posts I read now state an ISR is a must. Can I get away with one 2811 and a few 2650XMs , do I need a server as well ? Could someone suggest other equipment needed for all CCNP Voice Labs ( PSTN emulation equipment, servers, etc. etc. ), and which Lab study material would be best to accompany the CVOICE Cisco Press book by Kevin Wallace ? Thanks.


  • Yes ISR is kind of 'must' for Cisco Voice for all implementations and designs so obvisouly for study as well.

    For CCNP Voice simulating two sites would be enough (whereas three sites with comprehensive exercises are for CCIE Voice). The following scenario should be minimum for CCNP Voice:


    One ISR (cheaper 2801/2901 with one VWIC2-2MFT-E1/T1 and PVDM2-32)

    One Server (VM server basically, any VMware based whitebox would be enough. Customizing a clone PC would be cheaper)

    One PoE switch (as you already have one 3550/3560 you can use it)

    Two 6-line IP Phones (i.e. Cisco 7961/7962 phones, GE not necessary)



    One ISR (preferable 2811/2911 with CME IOS, CUE ISM/SM, one VWIC2-2MFT-E1/T1 and PDVM2-32)

    One HWIC-4ESW to connect phones on your router, or get any 2960 switch - PoE preferable

    Two 6-line IP Phones.


    PSTN site:

    Use your 2650XM as PSTN simulator router, you must need to have 4-port E1/T1 ports (i.e. 2xVWIC2-2MFT-E1/T1) there. Use a cheaper 6-line 7960 phone as PSTN phone. Buying one switch/ESW module for PSTN site won't be worthy, better create a seperate vlan on the SiteA switch to connect your PSTN phone.


    This scenario is kind of 'mandatory' for CCNP Voice lab. If things are really going beyond your budget - go for full equipped but cheaper INE racks. Use the L2VPN to connect your one router/switch and IP Phones with the rack and feel the rack is just behind your desk.

    About the study materials, why not you are following Mark Snow's videos for CCNP Voice? Here is the link for INE CCNP Voice courses:

    And yes, Cisco press guides will help you obviously.

    Hope this helps. If you need more guidance just hit on 'reply'. :)

  • Thanks Mijanur your post addresses a lot of my questions, but I have a few more.

    In regard to the server for CUC, are there any issues with using a Linux based OS such as Ubuntu, or should I go with a Windows based OS?  In regard to Mark Snow's videos for CCNP Voice , I assume they contains lab exercises ? Thanks

  • Hi,

    Are you asking about the host/platform OS for the UC applications? I prefer VMware ESXi to install on the whitebox and then run the applications on top of that. And maybe you already know that the Cisco UC applications are based on UCOS - a customized version of enterprise linux. You can also run the VM instances on any of the linux flavor or even on top of windows but you won't get very good performance as ESXi gives. Afterall I suggest a dedicated PC/server for all the UC applications so the windows or linux OS itself is an overhead for them. And yes, try to get the processor with highest number of cores available in the market, of course Intel based and take sufficient amount of ram - you will be good.

    Regarding videos from Mark Snow - yes, sufficient amount of exercises like labs, exam contents and real life scenarios are very well explained with in-depth knowledge, practicals and theories. If you just watch at the video lengths sure it will be clear to you. Even the videos for CCNA Voice are still open for all registered members on INE site (registration is free of charge) - just get registered there and watch few of them, you will get very good idea what I am talking about. :)

    And also, there are some special contents for CVOICE only, visit this page:


  • 1 last question on the 2 CCNP Voice options. One is download , the other is download and streaming. By streaming I assume that means access to the trianing material via your web site when I'm not on the PC that has downloaded the training material ? Thanks

  • Exactly what you meant.

    If you choose the option for 'streaming' you can watch the videos from any device from any location - you are completely on the cloud with INE.

    And yes, questions are always welcome. :)

  • If I choose the download option and I have to change out my work laptop, are there any issues with me obtaining a new registration key to download the program to a new laptop ? Thanks

  • That you really need to check with INE Customer Service team, here is the form to write your query and send to them.

    But once you have downloaded you can upload it to dropbox or google drive so that you can access it from anywhere, so no chance to get away from it irrespective of laptop/pc you are using.


  • I bought the videos as a download option but haven't gone through it yet still downloading...

    Will the following equipment be enough:

    1x cisco 2801 with PVDM2-64

    1x cisco 2801 with PVDM2-48

    1x cisco uc500

    2x cisco 1751v

    1x vic2-FXO

    1x vic2-FXS

    ordered 3xVWIC2-MFT-t1/e1

    1x cisco 1760 with 2 dsp's and vic-FXS VIC-FXO

    6x vic-1t and crossover cables

    will this be sufficient?

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