Task 3.4 PPP Unnumbered

On this task I used the f0/0 interfaces for the ip unnumbered.

int s0/1/0

ip unnumbered f0/0

I have not completed the lab but exprect to run into problems if I do not configure the unnumbered to the virtual template on r4 and s0/0/0.1 on r5 per the sg.   I have read through the lab and know there is some trigger pointing to ip unnumbered per the SG.   I am having difficulty finding the trigger which points to the use of frame-relay links on the unnumbered instead of f0/0 or the loopbacks.  I know each lab has different requirements but I could use some insight as to which interfaces to use for unnumbered and some of the ramifications of using the wrong interface.  

I am certain this could be a neverending discussion but any insight would be appreciated.   I know I am missing something in reading this lab and identifying the interfaces for unnumbered so any help is appreciated. 

Thank you


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