ccnp voice bootcamp worth it?

I plan on following mark snows study plan on INE for ccna voice to ccie voice in one year. Using the materials provided with the all access pass and workbooks I will follow the plan til week 33 or so minus actually doing the ccie exam . The plan is taking the ccna voice and ccnp voice I am going to rent rack time that will last me for 25 weeks 4 times a week which will cost me $700.

I was entertaining the idea of going to a ccnp voice bootcamp after dedicating 6 months or so of self study to voice to fill in any holes and help me see the big picture. I seen some videos at some camps that the student is at the white board and the instructor is asking him to design the topology for a certain scenarios and that seems pretty to cool to gauge my understanding.

In everyones opinion do you think its worth it to do the bootcamp for 10 days to fill any gaps i have or is it just a waste of money?[


  • From my experience, you'll get the most out of a bootcamp if you have a good foundation before going.  That way, you have a rough framework to organize all the information that will be presented.  I'd suggest reading through one of the Cisco Press books to give you a jump start (either CVOICE or CIPT1).  Think of it as a way to kickstart your learning and get more out of the classes you'll take.

  • Thanks for the reply.  Do you think i should have a good foundation after following mark snows study plan up to week 33. I'll go a bit passed ccnp voice material as i plan to use ccie voice deep dive workbooks 1,2, and watch advanced tech video.  I was considering going to a bootcamp sometime after week 33. In order to find any weak spots i may have.   I mean technically by the time I hit week 33 wouldnt i be some sort of ccie v candidate or atleast have the knowledge level of one?


    Have you been to bootcamps?  i was looking for an experience that'll perhaps get me up to the white board and teacher asks me to draw up a topology for a multicluster environment by his specs.  Are they similar to that or its just basically you sit back and listen to the lecture then a bit of q & a?

  • Hi mate,

    Maybe this can help a little bit :

    I haven't attended the bootcamp yet, but I intend to in the begining of 2013.

    Best of luck,


  • Which bootcamp are you going to attend?

  • Hi DMart,

    My 10-day classes are very interactive. There is plenty of time for whiteboarding and while not the focus of the CCIE, there is plenty of room for discussion on design. What it is NOT: It is certainly NOT the type of environment where you simply sit back and listen to lecture. In fact - and I tell every class this on Monday morning of Day 1 - the more YOU put into the class, the more you and everyone else will get back out of the class. I can talk forever - but unless I get interaction from the students, it's difficult to know if it is A) actually being absorbed and forming new neural pathways and B) if there are any questions on what I am presenting or permutations that students would like to see that maybe I haven't covered yet. 

    Also, thanks to Ciprian for posting that YouTube link, but I want to point out something. That is our old style of bootcamp. And for those that like it, we still offer it in a video-on-demand series format. However, INE has changed our main focus of bootcamp style teaching to be like the one Brian Dennis points out here in this blog post. Simply put - no slides (or VERY few - save for a maybe an annimation here or there to illustrate a call-flow). I go through absolutely everything in the blueprint hands-on, live, and in every permutation possible. I whiteboard a lot, and spend most of my time in CUCM, IOS, UCxn, CUE, UCCX, etc. and all with phones in front of me that you can see on the smartboard and hear actually ringing and making connections. I take all and any manner of questions as long as they don't distract us from the focus of why we are all there (i.e. if someone wants to discuss some design or problem they are having in their production environment, I am happy to do so, but offline where it doesn't take up everyone's time - all of which are primarily there for CCIE-based studies).

    BTW, we switched to this new style of 10-Day teaching because we all felt that it was simply impossible to cover everything in 5 days like most vendors try to do, and having you sit in front of us for an entire 2nd week and just watching you while you take multiple 8-hour exams, and interact with us (the instructors) for a total of maybe 30 mins during that 2nd week - quite frankly is a complete waste of your money, and we think those other vendors are basically taking money from you for something that you could easily do on your own. Those that want to take Mock Labs, we do offer in the Voice bootcamp that the 2nd to last day of the bootcamp as a 8-hour Mock Lab day, but then we take the complete next day and break every aspect of that exam down with detailed explanations - especially focusing on trouble areas for most students. Those that want to take 8-hour Mock Labs and have them graded? Again you don't need someone watching you while you take the lab. Why would you pay someone thousands of dollars to sit and watch you? It's simply a waste of your money, and is laziness on their part. You need someone at the end to grade the lab and comment on missed areas, and we offer that as well, here.

    Here is the syllabus for the 10-Day bootcamp:

    Also, for that 2nd to last day where many students are taking an 8-hour mock lab, I am not sitting checking emails. I do that at night when I go home (while I also prepare additional course curriculum for this and other tracks). Instead, I take that day to do "one-on-one's" with students that need additional attention or remedial work in an area. 

    Students have commented on how this format actually allows for even non-CCIE students (those that are studying for their CCNP Voice or possibly even those that simply want more knowledge in the UC arena) to participate and walk away with having gained tremendous knowledge and insight into many areas of UC. However, and again I want to emphasize, this class does focus on the CCIE Voice topics, so anything else is tabled for offline discussion. 

    Does this help at all or did I maybe miss part of your point or question and can I maybe help you understand better?


  • Its pretty awesome that you commented on my post!  I'll say you addressed my questions.  Well going by your ccna to ccie study track in voice i plan to  follow it up too week 32 and hopefully by that time frame i'll have my ccnp voice.   Would you say it'll make sense to take a ccnp voice bootcamp through ine to round out any rough edges i may have whenever you offer the bootcamp again of course.  Or would you suggest it'll be beneficial to attend the ccie voice bootcamp even though i dont plan on attempting the cciev.  Or do you feel with 33 weeks of tackling unified communications i should be well versed in the subject matter and to do the bootcamp when i'm prepping for the ccie.

  • Great questions. First, we typically only offer specific bootcamps for courses other than geared toward the CCIE when the blueprint changes, and we need to re-record the entire class for the new blueprint. We do the classes live - but record and edit them for VoD purposes. Since the blueprint for CCNA and CCNP Voice just changed not that long ago, we probably won't have another CCNP Voice specific bootcamp for quite some time. 

    Now be that as it may, I in fact encourage you to come to our CCIE Voice bootcamp even while in your CCNP Voice studies. Keeping in mind the format that I listed above, you can probably see how you are going to get an absolute ton out of the bootcamp, even if not going specifically for your CCIE studies. Just about the only thing that we don't cover in our bootcamp is CCD via SAF, but we can talk more one-on-one about that topic on the 2nd to last day on week two if you happen to need more help in that area. 

    You also then have the option to retake the class at any time if you should so choose. 

  • I might really consider your bootcamp.  Is it ten days straight including weekends? If i plan on attending your course do you think i should just do the entire year of your track?  Is there an expiration on the retake is it up to a year?  I see you have blogs on the ccd via saf will you be adding that to the ccnp voice videos?

  • It is not. We do take the weekend off, however giving students access to the classroom (and therefore to the hardware phones which are connected directly to their racks of gear) during that weekend time, and allowing for more lab time for them. 

    Here is the schedule so far, and I am about to add dates into next year today and tomorrow to the schedule.


    As for adding the CCD into the CCNP Voice VoD playlist ---- um ???? 

    It should be there!

    Can you send me the link to the playlist you are using? I want to be sure you have the latest one.

  • Oops didnt realized it had it on there I never bothered to scroll down lol just not there quite yet.  Would always look at your blogs and assumed it wasnt on there.. Do you think i might as well take a stab at ccie voice? Since i will be covering the advanced technology?  My overall goal is to get mastery up too the ccnp voice level knowledge to help me obtain a strictly voice position as currently the only experience i have in voice is planning and deploying cucme in the office/warehouse at the place i work.

  • I would say come to the bootcamp, and then decide for yourself. I do think, however, that you'll begin to see once you reach completion of the CCNP Voice, that you are already 90% of the way there with regard to knowledge. Now I don't want to downplay the amount of practice that comes into play between the CCNP Voice and the CCIE Voice - there is a great deal - but in terms of what you need to know, you'll have most of that. 

    Come on out and see what you think of the class. You will get all of the CCIE materials when you purchase the class anyhow (as a part of the package of the bootcamp), so you'll have them all to practice with should you decide to go all the way. 

    I will say one thing - most people make the mistake of a big break in between CCNP and CCIE, and I think this is fatal, since you will forget much (or at least some) of what you have learned at the NP level, when you could be putting that knowledge into practical use by means of lab practicing time. So if you do decide to go on - do it right away. You can still decide to go on to CCIE once you finish CCNP, just don't decide to do it "later".


  • Ok thanks for taking the time to give me words of advice.  I have alot to think about.  You can count on me being in the class in seatle in a few months.  Thanks again!

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