considering trying ccnav - cciev in one year

i was looking for training material wanted to follow mark snows ccnav to cciev in 1 year training program minus actually going for the cciev take it up to week 28 and maybe add week 33 - 38.  I want to be a a well rounded ccnp voice. My plan was to go by mark snows study plan i wanted to get the ccnpv videos, deep dive series, workbook1, and maybe workbook2 depending if everyone thinks wb2 is worth it.  


I want to be able to see the big picture and if someone would ask me what would be an ideal unified communication solution for different scenarios  small or large be able to draw up a diagram and describe and explain various options.  Do you think i will be able to do that with the provided materials?  

Also the sale person said that i need to do get the advanced tech class videos in order to do the workbooks is there any truth to that.  Can i get away without the ATC videos?

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