CUPS & Jabber LDAP integration

Hi all,

We have  built CUPS 8.6.4, and are using the new Jabber for Windows client and are hopeful to go production shortly, except for a couple of issues.

1. We previously had CUPS 8.6.3, and CUPC 8.5 client, in lab mode for testing, and in the LDAP Search Context field we had for example,

dc=cisco,dc=com;&(ipPhone=*) and the only users in the CUPC directory were the users with a value in ipPhone field.

Now since going to the latest CUPS server version and Jabber Client the Search Context field does not appear to work in the same fashion.

Not sure if anyone may have experienced or have lab tested but any feedback would be great.




  • Mal -

    I've not witnessed this issue yet.  Quite a few changes were rolled up into CUP 8.6(4), though I'd be suprised if the LDAP search context was negatively affected.  Are you certain CUPS is reading from LDAP?

  • Hi Matthew,

    It ended up as a known bug ID CSCua39052: Search filter does not apply to directory search. There has since been a solution which is done in the jabber-config.XML file, which now picks up only users with values in ipPhone field.






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