Rack1 R1,2 | section working?


I have used Rack1 in the past and I think i was able to use the | section for output.  Last night i was unable to run a show run | section router or any | section commands on R1 or R2, on the rest of the routers it functioned correctly

I did a show ver and it looked like it was running 12.3 something.  This is more of a FYI than an issue.



  • my guess as to why these are running 12.3 is that 12.4 does not support MPLS for the 2600's and as Brian Dennis mentioned in another thread they are upgrading their MPLS labs to use all routers.

    in the near future the 2600's will be replaced by 1841's (also stated by Brian D) in the INE topology and thereby hopefully also in their rack rental product.

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