Using WB Vol 1 alongside ATC videos?

I've been watching the CCIE Written VoD and also the ATC videos and just recently purchased the Workbook Vol 1.  I'd like to run through Vol1 as an accompaniment to the videos and my reading but I'm having trouble deciding the most efficient way of doing so.  


One way I think is to use the WB and follow up the video sessions by running through the tasks, but I think this won't provide enough theory support to explain what the task is asking for.


Does anyone run through the solution guide first? I think that attempting the task and then reading the solution and explanation would be a very good way to solidify what I'm learning.  Then, later on down the road I can go through the WB without the solution guide to refresh my learning on all the topics (that I should know how to do without the solution guide).


I know everyone learns in their own way, but I'm not sure if I'm really utilizing the WB in the best way.




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    Watch ATC for any sub topic like dotq tunneling then go a head practice WB vol1 tasks on this topic and then read the Cisco Doc for the same and try out some of the commands which are left out in ATC and WB tasks for this topic. Repeat this topic after 4-5 days and 15 days and 1 month.

    Do the same for all the topics in the ATC.

  • I usually watch the videos and then try the VOL1 labs. I must admit that the first time you do VOL1 you may not know all the answers, so I try as hard as I can and if I don't know something I leave it. I check the SG on a per-task basis.


  • I did same approach, watch ATC then try task on vol1 then repeat couple of times until stick on top of your head and start feel natural about it (you finger is "click" when you see similiar task).

    You can start with familiar topic first so you gain confidence as you go along.

  • These are all very good tips!  I just don't want to 'waste' the training and go through the WB without really learning from it. I'll have to wait until after I've seen the videos for each section so I can do it on my own and review what I learned.  Then hopefully then going through Solution Guide will just reinforce those topics even more.


  • Hi musicjunky,

    I know this is kind of a late reply, but I found this blog post by Petra quite useful as a study methodology, working through the Workbook 1 and 2

    Good luck!

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