R&S Home Lab (1841s Vs 2811s)

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I am just now trying to spec out some gear from a home lab (R&S Track), I thought I had it under control but since Brian’s post yesterday about INE updating their racks/topologies slightly I thought I would check in and get some feedback prior to making a purchasing decision.

My original thought was to purchase 6x Cisco 1841s ... but now I am wonder if (or what would be the pros) to either going all 2811s or some combination or 1841s and 2811s ? (Suggestions)?

Also regarding the switches from a feature set or capabilities is there any difference in the 3560X and 3560v2 ...with regards to blueprint not performance related? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I would run all 1841's except for R3 which has to be a 2811 because of the 4A/S card that won't fit in an 1841.

  • The rack provided for me is all 1841, including R3. My R3 has 2 HWIC-2T. But if you can buy 2811 then just go for it.


  • Thanks for the input guys:

    I am confused on one point, according to this link; the 1841 will support the HWIC-4A/S


    > Table 5. Supported Platforms<

    Please advise.

    Also can anyone confirm if I can install 2x HWIC-4A/S in a 2811 to be used as my frame switch?


    Thanks again for all the input.



  • From a CCIE point of view you will gain nothing by using 3560X instead of 3560V2.

    You can use a 2811 with (2) HWIC-4A/S as a FRS. According to the data sheet you linked a 1841 would also work (though it isn't stated how many cards are supported in one unit). Another option would be a 2600XM/2811 with NM-8A/S.

    Does noise feature as a factor in your home lab plans? The 1841 is very quiet, which cannot be said about the 2811.



  • Yes you can do that with 2811 to make it an FRSW.

    Post some pic of your rack when it's up and running. ; )

    Happy studying! 

  • The post about running all the backbone routers on one 1841 would that help any on the purchasing decision?

  • <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">Yes, it would for sure.

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    The post about running all the backbone routers on one 1841 would that help any on the purchasing decision?

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  • If your interests lie in Routing & Switching only, then definitely 6x 1841s is the way to go.

    My R3 is also an 1841 with 2x WIC-2Ts and it's been fine.

    My lab routers are: 3x 1841s, 2x 2801s and 1x 2811. I got the 2800s for playing with some Voice technologies such as, FXO/FXS/E1/DSPs, Voice Gateways/Gatekeepers.

    I can tell you that you'd want to make sure that a rack of 6x 2811s is not in the same room that you're trying to study in. They are extremely noisy. The 2811 easily drowns out all of the other devices in my rack with it's fan noise, and I've got only one of them.

    The 1841 is the perfect router for Routing & Switching home labs, IMO.


  • As mentioned above if you are just doing the RS - the 1841 will serve you right. Of course you could use the FRS/BB1 a 2600XM also BB2 & 3 to keep costs lower. I have no idea if this is a worldwide thing, but the 1841's in the UK are everywhere now and you can pick up some great prices on these boxes (most are now 1/4 cheaper than this time last year) i have no idea what is driving price market on this btw. By the by (and this is UK i am speaking about) the 2801 is almost the same price. 2811 is still holding strong as is the 3560's.



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