WIC-2A/S problem


I'm having a wierd problem with a WIC-2A/S module, on port 0 the card refuses to accept clocks, works fine on port 1

the config i'm using is very simple:


interface Serial0/0/0

 ip address

 no fair-queue



the port will show as up/down, it doesn't matter what L2 protocol i'm using, happens with both HDLC, PPP and FR

show controllers s0/0/0 shows:

Interface Serial0/0/0

Hardware is PowerQUICC MPC860

DTE V.35 clocks stopped.

if i move the cable to s0/1/0 and copy the config everything works fine and the line protocol stays up.


anyone know of some compatability issues with the WIC-2A/S?

i'm using a CAB-SS-2660X connecting it to a 3640 with an NM-4T

or is this simply a case of faulty hardware?









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