Lab Environment for CCIE Security

Hi Guys,

My only lab attempt at CCIE has come at the V4 CCIE R&S. This was the new format, all electronic with the troubleshooting.

Most people have informed me that the Security track is still old school with the paper delivery of the lab. So I have the following questions for myself and may also come useful to anyone attempting this or any other "paper delivery" based track.

1. Can I take the Lab book apart? - I usually draw my own diagrams but ease of movement between the scenarios is key here.

2. Do the scrap paper sheets come as a part of the lab book itself? If yes, then Q 1 becomes even more important.

3. Not the most important but a useful bit, Secure CRT or PuTTY? I know either would be sans Tabs but again, good to know.

4. Any other friendly advise?




  • 1)  Yes, the lab book is a binder with plastic liners containing the papers with your diagrams and tasks on them.  You can remove the plastic liners from the book, but you may not remove the papers from the plastic liners.

    2)  Yes, you get scrap paper, and you can ask for more if you need it.

    3)  Still SecureCRT without tabs.

    4)  Practice, practice, practice.  Also, time management is still key to making sure you pass the exam, so try to buy yourself as much time by doing all the easy tasks as quickly as you can.  What makes a task easy?  Well, it depends on how much you practice it, I guess.

    If you haven't done so yet, go to for Security and grab the latest blueprint and lab checklist.  The checklist is especially helpful because it breaks out the blueprint into more detail.

  • Thank you. Much appreciated.


  • Wow, I did not realize who had posted the answer. Congratulations man. I hope to have the same story in two weeks time. Would be nice to join your ranks as a dual.

    Now somehow I have to convince my 3 year old to pee on MY only pair of jeans.

    All in good fun right?

    Anyway man, back to study for me, you enjoy yourself to the fullest.


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