RS-WB-II-Dynamips L2 Topology Issue

Hello Guys,

This is my first time in the forum, so I say hello to the members.

Well I got the RS WB version II for Dynamips, I started by Lab 1 which is mainly layer 2 topology/spanning-tree; according to the lab guide I should have the VLANs already created on the switches but it is not the case, so how am I suppose to proceed ? The diagrams have no detailed information about the L2 topology and when checking the solution I saw that there are a lot of VLANs involved that are not in the diagrams. Did I got the wrong files ?

I am using :

initialconfig files v5, topology files (.net) v5 but my diagrams say for CCIEv4.0

I am lost and it is frustraiting I am just starting :(

Please some guide to start in the right way.

Thanks in advance,





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