Has anyone faced this issue with VPNless method for voice rack rental?


 I use the voice rack rental using VPNless method. It works very well when it works. However, every session I need to spend close to 2 hours waiting due to connectivity issues. By connetivity I mean, I cannot access the CUCM CUC, CUPS servers etc... Sometimes the connection is ok afer an hour. In the last sesssion I used vorack10 and I had to change my rack to vorack4 in between via helpdesk in order have the access to the servers. It is really causing a loss of time.

Steps I follow:

-https://pub.vorackX.ine.com -- follow the screens to register your IP address with our VPN portal and see the CUCM Pub server screen.

X- voice rack number

- I follow this video http://ieclass.ine.com/p70126296/

Has someone faced this or found a solution for it using the VPNless method? I use a MACbook and if someone has instructions as to configuration needed for Anyconnect VPN to set up a VPN connection to the rack it would be helpful.









  • Hi Raje,


    Firstly, I will make sure you get reimbursed for that session. Secondly, recently we had to reallocate some IP addresses, and so for the short time being, VOracks 10, 11 and 12 do not support our VPNLess connectivity. If you require this type of connectivity (and since you cannot choose which rack you are placed on when you schedule your rack session), please go ahead and schedule your rack session, and then if you happen to be issued VORack 10, 11 or 12, please simply email [email protected] and they will be sure to move you to another rack. 


    Very sorry for the temporary inconvenience,


  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the response. 



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