Verification Results of MOCK LAB1 not providning the Exact output

I was doing the Mock LAb1 of rack 4 where in task 1.6 I have to allow the traceroute in ASA for that in the verification result of workbook we have to traceroute the Switch2 interface IP from router 1 but that IP is not reachble from router1  as well from router 5 shall i have to made additional configuration in any of the devices please let me know  


  • Your output doesn't necessarily have to match 100% in order for your solution to be correct.  There might be other variables in your config vs. what was done when the workbook was written.  Also the solutions listed aren't always the only possible solutions.  As long as you meet the requirements of what the question is asking without violating the restrictions then you're fine.  If you need more specific help post the output that you're getting here and I'll take a look.

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