MOCK LAB 1, 2.6

Hello all.  Looking for input on my solution.


  • Task - Configure SW1 to advertise its vlan 7 interface into bgp.
  • Task - This network should appear as follows in the bgp table ""
  • Task - DO NOT use the network statement under the BGP process to accomplish this.

So after the lab was over, i looked at the SG and they configured as follows:

router bgp 200


redistribute connected route-map VLAN7


route-map VLAN7 permit 10

match interface VLAN7



Ok, cool, that works.  However, by doing that we auto-summarize anything that SW1 ever advertises which wasn't part of the question. 

My solution:


route-map VLAN7 permit 10

match interface vlan 7


router bgp 200

redistirbute connected route-map VLAN7

aggregate-address summary-only


By doing it my way I only summarize the network that vlan 7 belongs to.  Did anyone else do it this way as well or did I overconfig here?   Thanks.








  • Hi there, 

    I tried your solution but when verifying it didn't match 3 of the output requirements, as far as I can see in my logs:

    1. The original /24 prefix didn't dissapear from the output

    2. The metric was missing, instead of being 0

    3. The origin was "i" instead of "?"

    The #3 I could solve with "set origin" in the route-map but after some research the #1 and #2 only worked with the auto-summary option. 

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