Multicast MoH from Router Flash

Hi Guys,


I am configuring Multicast MoH from Branch2-GW(H.323) Router's Flash.


  • MoH Servers are in a separate DevicePool with a region that uses G.711 to every other region
  • When i place a PSTN Call on Hold, Alternate MoH works fine.
  • When i place an Internal Caller on Hold, i hear dead air.


Any Advice?


  • Hi Guys,


    Already fixed it. Adding the route to the multicast moh command did the trick. The command was:

    multicast moh port 16384 route

  -> Voice VLAN -> Router's Loopback


    Someone can explain how this work? when is necessary to add the route?




  • Yes you need "multicast moh port 16384 route"

    Loopback and voice vlan both IP.

    Loopback is using for PSTN users MoH & VoiceVlan is for Local users MoH




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