TEHO - DNIS Phone Display

Hi Guys,

   Consider this outbound call flow from a phone in Branch1 to a PSTN Number at Branch2, this call uses TEHO and goes out Br2 GW.


Call Flow Example:

  • Phone goes off Hook and Dials: 9011317037333
  • The following Translation Pattern is Matched
    • Pattern: 9011.!
    • Discard: Predot
    • Prefix: +
  • Since the Call will be subject of TEHO, the following TP is now matched:
    • Pattern: +3120XXXXXXX
    • Discard:None
    • Prefix: None
  • Now the Call, Matches a RoutePattern that points to the proper RL according to the site.
  • At the gateway level (H.323), the following CalledPTP is matched
    • Pattern: +3120.!
    • Discard: Predot
    • Prefix: 0
  • The DNIS delivered to the H.323 Gateway is 07037333, which matches the PSTN-LocalCalls Dial-Peer
  • Phone Display shows 07037333 as the called number.


I would like DNIS to be displayed according to the Dialing Pattern of each site even when using TEHO.  How can i efficiently accomplish this?











  • You're wanting the DNIS to be localized to the gateway it's being delivered to?  Maybe I'm understanding you wrong, but it seems you're already using Called Party Transformation Patterns at the CUCM > Device > Gateway level.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Yes, that is working fine. The thing is:


    • For a Local Call in HQ, the user dials 92065015111 or +12065015111 (From call Lists). The number is localized by the CdPTP at the HQ-GW and phone displays the localized number with the access code:  92065015111
    • For an International Call from HQ to a PSTN number at Branch2. The call is subject to TEHO and then is sent thru the Branch2-GW where it is localized as a Local call should be for that site: 07037333 and that is the number displayed in my HQ Phone.

    Should i use a CTI Route point to proxy that type of calls?


    Kind Regards,





  • So the call is going through correctly, however you want the called party information on the CALLING PHONE to show the HQ localized format while the called party information sent to the branch gateway shows the BRANCH localized format?

  • That's right!

       The idea behind it is that users can't tell the call was subject to TEHO.



  • There is Service Parameter in CUCM  -  As I remember it is called "Always displayed original dialed digits".

    Set it to True (Default is False) and see if it helps you.

  • Hi Datoc,

        I just tested it, that meets my requirement without further configuration.This is the SP:


    This parameter determines whether phones always display the number that the
    caller originally dialed (which may not match the final connected number). If
    Cisco CallManager routes the call from the originally dialed number to the
    connected number using a call forwarding directive, a translation pattern, route
    pattern, a redirection by a CTI application, or other means, this parameter
    determines whether the connected number or the originally dialed number is
    exposed. Note that when the Conference List feature is invoked, the connected
    number always displays regardless of the setting in this parameter. Valid values
    specify True (display the originally dialed number) or False (display the
    connected number).
    This is a required field.

    Default: False


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