VPN filter not showing...although it works

I applied VPN filter under group-policy and it works very well. I can see the hits accordingly in the ACL too. However, I'm never able to see the VPN filter under this command as per the SG. Any idea as to why it might be happening?


Rack6ASA/pri/act(config)# sh vpn-sessiondb l2l

Session Type: LAN-to-LAN

Connection   :
Index        : 1                      IP Addr      :
Protocol     : IKE IPsec
Encryption   : 3DES                   Hashing      : MD5
Bytes Tx     : 1214                   Bytes Rx     : 959
Login Time   : 21:33:03 UTC Sun Feb 22 2009
Duration     : 0h:08m:25s


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