Initial Configs for Vol 2 (Dynamips) with real switches

I am starting the Vol 2 labs now and the hardware I am using is using Dynamips with 4 real switches.  I was attempting to start the labs, but the initial configs supplied with the Dynamips version of Vol 2 do not seem to be 100%.  I then attempted to compare the initial configs between the two Vol 2 versions and they do line up exactly.  Being that I am using real switches, I am guessing that I should use the initial configs for SW1-4 from the standard Vol 2 and the initial configs for R1-6 from the Dynamips version of Vol 2.  Is this correct? 


  • Hi,

    That is correct. The dynamips initial configs for the switches take in consideration the NM-16ESW which makes a router in dynamips "look like" a switch and this is usually on slot1, so the interfaces in Dynamips is going to be FastEthernet1/0 - FastEthernet1/15.

    If you have real switches you could use the regular initial configs for your switches and the dynamips initial configs for your routers, you may still need to tweak some other stuff, but this should put you half way there.


    Good luck!

  • Hi guys, I'm with pair of 3550's/3560 and not sure which configs to use here

    I'm unable to ping from any device yet no problems pingin

    Is that suppost to happen or it's secret fault built into starting configuration :)



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