CME Plus Dialling


Can someone tell me can we see the + symbol on CME Phones when the call is ringing ? I can see the PSTN is sending +14152002002. But on my phone it is coming up as 14152002002. Also in the directories , it is showing the same unlike CUCM.

One more thing I would like to say is, if CME phones cannot handle + sign then how come on my PSTN Phone I can see the + sign on incoming calls. PSTN is also a CME and in my lab it was setup by someone (not sure who)

Please let me know about these questions



  • Krish -

    You might be running into a limitation in IOS 12.4(24)T2 where the + doesn't display on the Cisco IP phone for inbound alerting number.  Can you verified that the + comes in from the carrier/gatekeeper?  For the carrier, you can verify using "debug isdn q931" or use "debug debug h225 asn1" for gatekeeper calls.  If the plus shows up there, you're good.

  • Yeah thats correct.. I verified it by changing the IOS. It is working on that. So the IOS in lab is not supporting it.. too bad :)

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