INE WB II, Lab 1. MD5, EIGRP Neighbor and 'Not on Common Subnet' issues at startup


I have seen several issues with the start-up configuration for Lab 1 and after finding I couldn't solve these issues as router or switch issues i.e. they are NOT configuration errors and searching the forums it's apparent that there are issues with Dynamips relating to the following:

Vol 5 - Lab 1 - SW1 <-> SW4 connectivity issue -


Dynamips - Get "Neighbor not on common subnet for FastEthernet0/0" -


Task 4.5 - %TCP-6-BADAUTH: No MD5 digest in BB2 -





I have, to help those coming after me, corrected what was needed and created and uploaded a .zip file with the changed .net file and all the initial configurations which can be downloaded from my INE forum home page as file 'Lab I Initial'.

These files were written on a MacAir and are currently working (but I haven't fully tested them as I haven't started the Lab) so please keep me informed as to any changes needed.

Good luck.


  • Thank you so much for configs, I have this 3 exact issues and I'm on Dynamips. It's so demotivating I already spent few days trying to get right configs to get all connectivity going without issues. Can this configs be applied to Dynamips ? I noticed some differences from main switch configuration : like trunking over ports f0/13 and f0/14 on SW4 for example.

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