Task 8.1

This task has a heading "Legacy Frame Relay Traffic Shaping" and there is no further restriction in the bullet points to solve this task in some specific way. In this case, do we have to adhere with the heading in order to solve the task. Are we allowed to solve this particular task using MQC FRTS instead of legacy FRTS ?

Another task says configure voice traffic with priority 32k, and it also asks to configure shaping cir 128k and there is nothing much given in the task about voice traffic. Now in this casem do we have to also take care of fragmentation and interleaving for voice traffic?  



  • Hi,

    For the first part I read it as you must use legacy.  I see the titles here as direction and clues to the solutions wanted by Cisco/INE as in the exam that I've yet to sit I'll need all the direction I can get.  Have you sat on yet and does it follow?

    The second part I have learn't to try and meet exactly what the question asks and no more.  As long as the result is correct according to the question I'm happy.

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