SIP webphone

Hello! I would need to develop a SIP
webphone. I found a SIP webphone solution with a
sample program on the net:  which is based on an sdk. (I added this site
for showing you the example program I found on the net.) My question relates to
this. Is it possible to build a reliable SIP webphone by using this sample program? Thank


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    I would recommend the mizu webphone  which is a very developer friendly application. It is a java applet and it has a very easy API which you can learn in a few minutes (just a few function calls such as API_Connect, API_Call). It can be used from javascript but also from any other languages which can access the public API.

    It has a big advantage over silverlight: it doesn't require the silverlight plugin -which is not very popular. It just need java which is enabled in 96% of the browsers.


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