R&S Advanced Technologies 10-Day Video and 5 Day Video removed ?

I had those videos listed in my http://members.ine.com/dash/ couple of days ago in addition to "R&S Advanced Technologies Class Version xx"  but i dont see them anymore.  Are they no longer provided by INE ? 


  • I can see only these for R&S

    - CCIE R&S Lab Preparation Bootcamp
      (formerly 12 Day Bootcamp)

    - CCIE R&S v4.5 Adv Technologies

    - CCIE R&S Advanced Troubleshooting

    - CCIE R&S Written Exam Course


  • if i go to View Old Members Site , i can see under " RECENT PRODUCT ADDITIONS" those ones that you have. I guess INE is  replacing something. 

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