This is kind of a loaded question but I don't have the experience and access to XR that some may have so I figured I would put it out there. If I was working on creating a lab that was meant to be a t/s lab and it included IOS XR devices what would be some "tricks" to keep an eye out for in regards to IOS XR? I'm aware of some of the platform caveats, like router static, and next hops for MPLS labels, but are there any more platform specific things that are catchy? Say something along the lines of on my 3945 routers, changing the combo ports to say meda-type sfp and having them connected copper? Not specifically that, but things like that, that a person should be aware of? I guess the nice XR thing is you see whats committed to the configurations, like non-default commands in IOS, but I figured I would ask. 




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