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Hello, I am new to the forums and to INE, and looking at the interaction on these forums, it seems there is a ton of resources and people that constantly give feedback.  Any advice on my conundrum which I am sure hundreds of other have dealt with isn't new....


I passed my CCIE written exam few weeks ago.  I went out and got the CCIE Ultimate "on-demand" package, obviously a ton of resources in that which is part of the issue.   I never used INE to study for my written exam, but figured it doesn't hurt at all to go through the on-demand written boot camp to re-familiarize myself with the topics, and maybe pick up on anything I have missed or forgot. 


But I am prepping for my lab obvious not the written again.  What do you suggest as far as an "order of operations" to start tackling each topic?  My I am quite clueless on how to do this.  I have gone through have the CCIE written videos, and I figured as a dry run just to get into some rack time, and try my hands at layer 2 things (Section 1, Volume 1, Version 5), and I realize just the nature of how different this really is. 


So do you just go through the blue print, start at the top, and catch back up via the written videos, then the Lab Prep videos, and Advance Technologies videos pertaining to the section and then go at it in the test (INE rack rental enviornement for me)....or something different?  


Again thanks for any advice you can give...


  • Hi,

    I do believe it is worth going through the CCIE written videos to recap a few things. There is not a receipt on how to attack the lab, but here are some recommendations:

    1- Go through the ATC videos - they are good

    2- Do VOL1 labs to understand each technology

    3- Do VOL2 labs

    4- Do VOL4 labs

    5- Do VOL3 labs to test core technologies and speed/accuracy

    6- Go to the mock labs for assessment

    7- Uses DocCD in between

    8- Use forums, blogs, etc

    9- Repeat some of the steps above


    Good luck!

  • Hi tolarius,

    try to follow the outline proposed by Petr Lapukhov in this link:


    you don't really have to follow it strictly yet its a good outline for study plan. You should adapt to what works for you.

    When I passed my written, I already had a basic to intermediate knowledge+hands-on-skills on most of the topics in the blueprint. So I started linearly studying (one topic at a time) for an expert level of knowledge+hands-on-skills on the Core topics using Books+ INE ATCoD + INE Workbook 1..After getting a good confidence on the core topics, I started a full-scale studying using  Workbook 2 and other workbooks using the outline by Petr. This outline worked well for me.

    Happy studying!


  • Go you can follow this 

    1. Watch ATC -----> VOL1 scenarios    Require 2-3 weeks and 3-4 hours per day

    for example multicast Watch ATC for multicast and do all the vol1 scenarios for multicast and do not forget to check for each vol1 scenarios

    2. Repeat step 1 for all technology

    3. VOL 2 lab1    for completing each vlo2 lab it requires 1 week it include steps 3,4,5

    4. Watch ATC for a technology ---> VOl1 theory only for this technology ----> Cisco DoC,, book for reference-----> VOl1 labs for this technology

    for example vol2 lab1 task 1.1 has private vlans, first watch ATC with vol1 theory of it, read ine blog and Cisco DoC for it then do all the vol1 scenarios for this technology. Also do not forget to check for each vol2 and vol1 lab tasks.

    5. Revise vol2 labs after completing it. for example you finish vol2 lab 1 in 1st week from mon to sat then revise this lab on sunday. Each sunday you can also do one VOL 3 lab.

    6. Repeat 3, 4 and 5 for all vol2 labs.   

    7. After completing 10 vol2 labs go for a ine MOCK lab for assessment. Give atleat one week for it and identified your weak areas.

    8. For each weak Area technolgy do this:  ATC-->Vol1 theory-->INE blog--->Cisco DoC--->Vol1 scenarios--->

    9. Follow same procedure in steps 3,4,5,6,7,8 for vol2 remaning labs 11 - 20

    10. Once you completed all vol2 labs go for couple of more ine MOCK labs.

    11. Repeat the vol2 labs but this time complete one vol2 lab along with one VOL 4 lab in a day. It may take 8-10 hours a day.

    So this require a total time of 11-12 months for preperation

    step 1  and 2 === 3 months  

    step 3 to 8 ====  3 months

    step 9 ======== 3 months

    step 10 ======= 1 month

    step 11======== 1 month




  • Ummm... That's lots of volumes to cover.

    Take a print of CCIE R&S Lab Checklist from cisco and mark what you know vs what you don't. Start working on Don't list using INE Vol 1. Once you are done with Vol 1, do as few Vol 2 as needed to get feeling of exam pattern. IMHO Vol 2 is not meant to teach something as technology but rather just Exam pattern. So few labs should be okay. Vol 3-4, I would say skip it. Now you gonna say, what about TS than ? I would say while you are working on individual technologies, make a stratergy for each along the way from TS prospective. Use INE TS Class on demand as well and you should be all set. For practice, Vol 2 TS labs should be enough.

    Once you feel ready, Mock lab attempt is good way to put theory on test. Spend good time with Doc CD nevigation and strategy since both of those are very important.

    If you want to go through some advance stuff, use INE Open Lecture Series.

    Use INE Audio On Demand week 1 and I guarantee you still gonna learn few things which are not in Vol 1-4 and ATC.

    I know I am not Petr, but this is my personal approach. But eventually it's your CCIE and you need to spend some time figuring out how you want to prepare for it. Since everyone has different thought process. Some like to follow what's suggested by others who has passed the lab other like me believe in making a plan by own. Either way the Plan is suppossed to work.

    Deepak Arora
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