Section 4.13 Redistribution


I ran into the redistribution problem: Eigrp routes coming via ospf into rip via R5

Lab doc doesn't say perform mutual redistribution on R4 between OSPF and RIP however in solution there is a mutual redistribution at R4 ????

Am i missing something ... Pl suggest.



  • Hello Azher,

    It is exactly like the Lab document says it is a one-way redistribution from RIP->OSPF

    You do not need mutual redistribution on every router to achieve full reachability.

    I do not think it is needed to follow the solution guide on this one.
    Bur again I might be missing something
  • i had to redistribute from ospf into rip on r4 to meet the requirement for end to end connectivity. i guess it is either a mistake or just in there to get you thinking.
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