task : 3.2 : using "frame-relay interface-dlci"

Using sub interfaces, could we have used the commands "frame-relay interface-dlci" on each sub-interface and still meet the requirement ?

(instead of "frame-relay map ip ...")


  • Navid,

    If you have a point-to-point subinterface, frame-relay interface-dlci xxx is the correct configuration.

    If the instructions say to NOT use a static mapping on a multipoint subinterface, frame-relay interface-dlci xxx is correct.

    If you are instructed not to use dynamic mappings on a multipoint subinterface, frame-relay map ip ... is required. You may still need frame-relay interface-dlci xxx to apply a map-class to the dlci, too.

  • Thanks Darell for this reply.

    The instructions say "configure R1, R3 and R5 so that if the DLCI's between them change to inactive or deleted status, the interfaces used for this FR link are brought down."
  • Navid,

    This part of the task will need some additional configuration. Look up end-to-end keepalives on Doc DC.

  • how you can add the end-to-end keepalives line in the configuration?
  • George,

    Check out:

    map-class frame-relay <class-name>

  • How come the end-to-end section is not covered in the solutions guide? :(

    The multipoint subinterface is required for the EEK to work. This will not work on a main interface configuration!
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