Task 3.2 Multipoint: end-to-end keepalive FR

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The second line, this is end-to-end keepalive?
How about your ideal?
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  • I have configured the end to end keep a life but still the interface does not reflect the dlci status ??
  • When a DLCI is associated with a subinterface, if it goes down, the subinterface goes down. On a standard interface, it doesn't go to the down state. The key here id to use a multipoint subinterface.
  • how you can simulate the interface goes down?
  • George,

    If you use the multipoint sub-interfaces and also use the map-class frame-relay with end-to-end keepalives set in it. Go onto one router and shut the serial interface down, you will then see the subinterface on the other router will report as being down.

    Also if you issue the command show frame-relay end-to-end keepalive you will get a status report on EEK.
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